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Masjid Juma’h Announcement : 3/13/20

Prepared by Secretary : Wazir Mohammed.


  • Reminder, Brothers & sisters, please closely monitor the outbreak of the coronavirus, we ask that you exercise precautions for yourself & family members, follow the health department guidelines, when attending public places. Reminder the masjid is open for the (5) daily prayers, please join us in congregation


  • Please be informed (I.S.L.A.M.) The Institute for social learning & advancement of Muslim have postpone their event, lecture & dinner, which was carded for March 21st due to the well-being of the community, in relation to the virus.


  • To all parents & students, there will be no Madrassa classes this Sunday March 15th. Also, until further notice classes are closed as a precaution for the children & families, due to the virus outbreak.


  • In your dua’s, we ask that you remember those who are sick from our jamaat & community. May Allah (SWT) keep us healthy & guide us to a decision that is best for everyone concerned.


  • The messenger of Allah (u.w.b.p) said, an epidemic or virus does not independently spread. It is decreed by Allah & spreads by the will of Allah (Sahih Bukhari). The khateeb for next week Insha Allah will be Imam Ahamad Ali & today is Dr. Yousry Ayad.

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