Prepared by Secretary: Wazir Mohammed.


  • Madrasa classes continues at the masjid, this Sunday December 22nd, at 9am. Students in different age groups are welcome, for further info, please contact the Imam or any of the teachers.


  • Sister’s organization will like to thank all, who supported & attended their fundraising dinner, which was held last Saturday at the masjid. The dinner was a resounding success, the proceeds of the profit of  $3,300.00, are for the on-going operations of the masjid


  • To all financial members, you will be receiving an important mailing soon from the secretary, also with a reminder to those who did not submit thier yearly membership dues of $100.00. You have until December 31st of this year, to submit your payment. Please submit your dues, to the treasurer or secretary & contact them with any questions.


  • Masjid Abidin, 10414 127th Street, invites you all to a night of Seerah, reflection on the life of Prophet Muhammad (u.w.b.p.) tomorrow Insha Allah, Saturday December 21stafter Maghrib Salah. For more info please contact Shaykh Safraz at (718) 974-4968, dinner will be served.


  • All brothers are invited to a Brothers game night, tonight Insha Allah Friday December 20th at 6:00pm. Venue Al-Ishan Academy, 130-08 Rockaway Blvd. Snacks & dinner will be provided, for further info, please contact brother Nazeem (917) 403-0553.


  • The messenger of Allah (u.w.b.p) said “no two Muslims meet each other & shake hands, except that Allah forgives them before they part” (Tirmidhi). The khateeb for next week Insha Allah will be Brother Irshad Ibrahim & today visiting us from South Africa is Shaikh Tanvir.
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