Prepared by Secretary : Wazir Mohammed.


  • Madrasa classes continues at the masjid, this Sunday December 1st, at 9am. All new students welcome. Reminder, adults sister’s & teenagers, there is a new Quran class from 10:00 am to 12pm, for further info, please contact the Imam or any of the teachers.


  • Sister’s organization of the masjid, 2nd fundraising dinner on Saturday December 14th at the masjid, time: 5:00pm. Tickets are $ 20.00 & are available from the Ameera or any member of the masjid executives. All proceeds are for the on-going operations of the masjid.


  • All sisters are invited, to the sisters group of the masjid, monthly meeting, immediately after Juma’h today. For further info, please see the Ameera sister Anissa.


  • Friendly reminder to all financial members who did not submit their yearly dues of $ 100.00. Your dues are due by December 31st, please submit your payment to the treasurer, Brother Fazil or the secretary, any questions, please contact them.


  • All sisters are invited to a sister’s game night, on Saturday December 14th from 5:00pm to 11:00pm. Venue Al-Ishan Academy, 130-08 Rockaway Blvd, please bring your favorite game. Snacks & dinner will be provided, for further info please call sister Bebi (718) 322-3154.


  • The messenger of Allah (u.w.b.p) said “For every Prophet there is one invocation which is definitely fulfilled by Allah & I wish, if Allah will, to keep my special invocation, as to be the intercession for my followers, on the day of resurrection” (Sahih Bukhari). The khateeb for next week Insha Allah will be Imam Ahamad Ali & today is Brother Syad Hydarali.
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