Prepared by Secretary: Wazir Mohammed.


  • Madrasa classes continues at the masjid, this Sunday November 17th, at 9am. All new students welcome, for further info, please contact the Imam or any of the teachers.


  • Masjid Hamza, 200 Stuart Ave Valley Stream, invites all to their Fundraising Dinner tomorrow Insha Allah, Saturday November 16th at 8:15 pm. Night of Quran with our guests’ speakers, Sheikh Taleb & various Qari. For further info, please visit the masjid Facebook page or call (516) 285-8585.


  • As-Siddiq Muslim Organization invites you to their Fundraising Banquet, this Saturday November 16th at 7:00pm. Venue Royal Empress Hall, 122-21 Rockaway Blvd, guest speaker Imam Mohamad Cheble, graduate of Al-Azhar University in Egypt. For more information & tickets visit or call (718) 523-4167. All proceeds go towards repayment of interest free loans.


  • Jamaica Muslim center, 85-37 168th St, Jamaica, youth department, invites you to their lecture next Saturday November 23rd after Maghrib Salah. Topic dealing with depression & the importance of taking care of your health, Speakers include, Sabeen Sheikh, Bisma Anwar & others. For further info please visit the masjid website


  • In your dua today, please remember sister Sabrina Majarali, who passed away yesterday in Trinidad, “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un” she was the sister of Brother Daryl Majarali & sister-in-law of sister Alisha. May Allah forgive her & grant patience to the bereaved families.


  • The messenger of Allah (u.w.b.p) “disliked prayer at midday till the sun incline, except on Juma’h day & he said hell is heated up, except on Friday’s” (Sahih Bukhari). The khateeb for next week Insha Allah will be Imam Zameer Sattaur & today is Brother Sayeed Razack.
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