Prepared by Secretary: Wazir Mohammed.


  • To all parents & students, Madrasa classes resume at the masjid this Sunday January 5th, Insha Allah at 9am. Please relay this message, to those who are not here today.


  • Madrasa sister’s Quran class teacher’s invites all sisters, to an education & social workshop, an evening filled with knowledge, shared information, and social discussion etc. at the masjid this Sunday January 5th after Zuhr salah. Please extend this invitation to all sisters, lunch will be provided.


  • As- Siddiq Muslim Organization, 117-25 133rd Street, presents youth night tomorrow Saturday January 4th. Sisters session from 4:30 pm to 11pm & brothers 4:30pm to Sunday 5th at 7am, all youths 8 years & over are invited. Presenter Shaykh Nazeem Habibulla, for registration info please contact Brother Sayyid (347)553-3170 or sister Naz (917) 615-9310, snacks & dinner will be provided.


  • Al-Ihsan Academy, 130-08 Rockaway Blvd, invites you to their Pepperpot Brunch, next Sunday January 12th, from 9am -12:30pm, a variety of breakfast items will be served, tickets are only $ 8.00. To purchase tickets, please contact Brother Nazeem at (917) 403-0553, proceeds will go towards renewal of the school software subscription.


  • Narrated by Abu Huraira, the messenger of Allah (u.w.b.p) said “if anyone of you can get one Rak’a of the Asr prayer before sunset, he should complete his prayer. If you can get one Rak’a of the fajr prayer before sunrise, he should complete his prayer” (Bukhari). The khateeb for next week Insha Allah will be Dr. Yousry Ayad & today is Brother Saiyad Ali.
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